Thankfully, I've been taking pictures since I was 17.
Sadly, I can't stay in that fantasy for so long.
  • So for undetermined time I’m not able to sing properly (there’s a story behind it involving an hospital and a fracture and some painful recovery). But I’m glad I record everything I do…

    This is the last song I wrote, march 19. One year ago from that day I was having the worst week of my life and one year later they forced me to go away to the beach and get away from the city to try not to think about it all. But of course I though about it even more and I wrote a song. Ha!
    It’s about making mistakes, not because you are stupid, or because you want to hurt yourself or someone else. But only cause you don’t know better, you are blinded by fear and that makes you clumsy in love. It’s more specifically about a “very first fight” which I caused because everything was so perfect, everything was so good that I was afraid of losing it. And that is not only a terrible thing to think, but a terrible way to live and a terrible thing to cause a fight for. Two years later this song was made… that’s how I work I guess.
    Something To Lose (Original Song)
    Diego A. M.

    You’re gonna fall in love and you’re gonna fall so hard
    You’re gonna fall for him and it’s gonna break
    You’re gonna lose your mind and you’re gonna care for what you say
    You’re gonna care for what you do and what you wear

    But you won’t, won’t mind if he never says he’s sorry.
    If you live with that abuse
    And you won’t, you won’t care being afraid and petrified of
    Every single phrase you use, because now you have something to lose

    You’re gonna fall in love and you’re gonna feel it in your veins
    You’re gonna feel it in your bones, but not in your brain
    He’s gonna fall for you. He’s gonna fall, but not in the same way
    He’s gonna take all of you, but you get to keep the pain

    You’re gonna take the jump together but you’re falling far apart
    Not gonna try to save each other and you know it in your heart.
    But you don’t mind, because now you have something lose…

    For the first time in you’re life, you’re afraid and petrified that you have
    Something to… lose…

    Hope you like it. Love. D